Many of us are reeling in shock have the number of mass shootings in the United States and just this last week in the home town where we raised our boys, a young man Nikko Sienna, who played hockey with our youngest son and lived in our subdivision, was murdered in his home by a 26 year old neighbour who broke into the home and shot him numerous times because Nikko challenged him earlier in the evening asking him to stop invading the privacy of his mother and sister.  Horrid! Shock! Heartbreak for all. As my friend said, heartbreak for the Sienna family and heartbreak for the family of the shooter. Sigh…. prayers are needed to support these families.

I thought as we all try to wade through our shock, grief, confusion and anger some might get comfort from  Mother Teresa’s site

Let us pray for all the families who have lost members as a result of these senseless acts…..