This morning I made it to the gym to do my interval training in hopes of bettering my recovery rate and strengthening my heart. The Dr. is suggesting that this 1100 year old fairy might need to take statins. Hmmm, having done some investigating, I am determined not to take them and try everything in my power to lower my weight and cholesterol levels. As a friend was saying given statins are greatly correlated with dementia, and she has witnessed her mom on the steady decline of loosing her cognition, she would rather go …poof! with a heart attack rather than dementia. I think I concur.

Interesting upon leaving I met a gentleman  who was just finishing his workout and he shared that he had a heart transplant three years ago. He goes to the gym for strengthening and conditioning and offered me words of encouragement. I mentioned my friend’s statement about dementia and he made a face and reflected hmmm, I don’t know what to say. Ugh….I guess the bottom line is when your time is up it’s up. The lesson, stay positive, accept and make choices that help and encourage the journey.

Off I trotted on the next leg of my daily conditioning: to trudge up the Bear Mountain Parkway to the ‘sign’, 2.2 k return, to our former home at the base of the mountain. As I walked, saying the rosary and taking in the glorious skies graced with angelic cloud formations I hit the portion of the road that is on a challenging incline. I took a sigh then thought, “Hmmm look up or look down?” I chose to keep my eyes down and imagine I was walking on a flat surface. Did it feel like a flat surface? No, but I have to say by not looking up I was fooling my perception and the hike up the steep incline didn’t seem so difficult. I continued my meditative prayer and in no time I was at the top.

Later I pondered upon my inspiring experience celebrating Robert’s 100 year young birthday on Saturday. He was in the moment full of joy not looking ahead or worrying what will be in store for him. All he cared about was celebrating with friends, family and enjoying his cigar ( which he enjoys everyday btw). Add this to my grateful emotions at the end of today when I dropped off the consignment order of books (after 15 years of constant writing over 28 children’s stories, two business parables and reams of poetry) reflecting acceptance, persistence and  patience eventually get us to where we need to be, maybe not on our time expectations but when the universe deems it is the right time.

My lesson today:

There’s a time to look up and a time to keep the eyes down …. ultimately live in the moment and not focus on the pain….remembering we can choose how we perceive our world.